Monday, February 3, 2014

Sergei Rimoshevsky

Art by Sergei Rimoshevsky,(Belarus)

Russian artist Sergei Rimoshevsky was born in 1964, in Grodno, Belarus. Due to his high level of professionalism in his portraits, paintings, allegories he appears before the judges as a director and playwright. His paintings, woven from real life experiences keep secrets, awakening the imagination. The artist reveals the world of the individual, but the reading of this world is only available to thoughtful viewer, ready to plunge into the world of childhood. Painfully homesick for Russia, Nabokov admitted that nostalgia for him — primarily in his memories of «the ultimate, happy childhood,» considering the painting of Rimoshevsky to be the most secret corner of the child’s soul in each of us.

Sergei Rimoshevsky

1980 - 1984 - studies at Glebov Art Colledge, Minsk , /Belarus/
1986 - 1991 - studies at Belarusian Academy of Art, Department of Monumental and Decorative Painting, Minsk, /Belarus/
1996 - Markus Lupertz master class in painting, Amsterdam, /Holland/
1996 - member of the Belarusian Artists’ Union

Participated in exhibitions in Belarus, Germany, Holland, Russia.

Works were bought by private collectors from Belarus, Germany, Holland, Israel.


Personally, I am profoundly touched by Sergei Rimoshevsky's artworks. This is also the reason why I exhibit him here, and would like to draw attention to his work, in our currently deeply troubling time.



  1. Thanks for introducing me to this great artist, Eva ... never heard of him.

  2. Thank you for introducing him : )

  3. :) time is always right for him...

  4. Welcome Bill,
    Thank you for visiting and the appreciation of this exceptional artist!

  5. I caught a glimpse of your post on the side bar of Vesna's blog and had to come take a closer look ... so pleased I did, those faces pull the viewer in to hear their whispers*!*

  6. Fascinating work, full of high quality life. Even the quote from Dostoyevsky hits a high, yet pleasant note.

  7. Fascinating work, full of high quality life. Even the Dostoyevsky quote hits a high, yet pleasantly moving note.


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